Benefits of becoming a member

The STA has been integral to the undoubted success of the emissions testing industry over the past 25 years, impartially supporting all aspects of source testing and championing the view of the industry as a whole, supporting equipment suppliers, contributing to CEN and ISO standards development, working with and advising regulators in the UK and abroad.

The Association offers a package of benefits to its members which include:

• Unlimited technical advice relating to emission monitoring
• Conference and exhibition opportunities
• Seminars and training on a variety of related activities
• Representation on National, European, and International standards organisations
• Training concerning many aspects of emission monitoring
• Liaison with UK and International regulators, many of whom are members and actively take part in working groups to collectively address common challenges in stack emissions monitoring.


Our meetings and task group attract participants rom all sectors of our industry, stack testing organisations, process operators, equipment suppliers, regulators, accreditation, and certification bodies.

Training courses

The STA is committed to encouraging the personal and professional development of practising source testers and students and provide training courses on various aspects of emission monitoring.


Our website has a wealth of information in the public and members’ areas. The information includes STA Guidance notes relating to quality and technical, Health and Safety, industry best practice and analysis guidance.

Information regarding our training and exam revision courses, draft documents for comments from European and International standards and from UK regulation are also obtainable from the STA website.

Every employee from member organisations is entitled to a member login.