MCERTS schemes

The STA has worked closely with the Environment Agency to develop the MCERTS air schemes.

MCERTS has become a mandatory requirement in permits issued to process operators.

The Scheme benefits include;

  • MCERTS delivers a certification scheme that is both accepted and formally recognised within the UK and internationally.
  • It provides assurance to regulatory authorities that equipment and services approved to MCERTS standards are suitable, and capable of producing results of the required quality and reliability.
  • It gives users of monitoring equipment confidence that equipment approved by MCERTS is robust and conforms to performance standards related to current international Standards.
  • It supports the delivery of accurate and reliable data to regulators and the public.
  • it provides a framework whereby further monitoring instrumentation and other aspects of compliance monitoring can be formally certified.
  • It meets the growing requirements of EU Directives, which increasingly specify that monitoring systems must meet minimum performance requirements.