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Water Monitoring Assocation is a division of the STA


Membership of the STA is available to any company or organization with an interest in emission monitoring. An applicant would normally join one of the four Industry Sectors of the STA and where appropriate, a task group,
which address specific issues. The groups include;

ˇ         Emission monitoring (Technical & Quality)

ˇ         Health & Safety

ˇ         Process operators

ˇ         Equipment suppliers

ˇ         EN14181

ˇ         Training

ˇ         Small business group

Membership has many benefits and an applicant can nominate as many members of their organisation to have access to the STA and its services.

For further details, please contact Samantha Harvey,, or download a application form.


Application form to join the STA


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Last modified: May 25, 2010

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