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  Health & Safety Task Group

Health & Safety task group

The safety of those undertaking stack emission monitoring has always been a driving force within the Source Testing Association and the Health and Safety Task Group is the focus of this work. Since its inception those involved in this group have strived to produce guidance to the industry on safe working practices and the implementation of safety legislation.   

One of the most recognised publications of this group is the Risk Assessment Guide for Industrial Emission Monitoring, commonly known as the Yellow Book. Its adoption as the safety guide for the industry has resulted in its inclusion in the EA guidance and MCERTS scheme and it has remained a clear and concise guide to the potential dangers of the work we do. Its annual revisions has kept it up to date with the ever changing legislation whilst the group has strived to keep it as a simple and practical guide for those up the stack as well as a useful resource for managers, salesmen and process operators.

During the regular meetings, the task group members review changes to existing legislation and proposed new legislation and where necessary advise the STA members as to the potential implications of such legislation. Such advice is often provided as guidance notes published on the website. Accidents in the industry and in related industries are discussed and if lessons can be learnt then these are communicated through bulletins on the website or as e-mails.     

Training of stack testers has become a fundamental role of the STA and not more so than through the long established safety training course. It has become a safety passport for stack testers incorporating the experiences and knowledge of many of the stack testers who have contributed to the health and safety task group. The task group will continue to feed into this essential training.  

We have been fortunate in recent years that there have no serious accidents in the UK stack testing industry. This is a trend we all hope will continue but we must not be complacent. The work undertaken on stacks is ever more vital and demanding. The risks are always present and as new staff enter the industry the lessons learnt by more experienced staff must not be lost. The Health and Safety Task Group provides an invaluable resource to the industry to help keep our focus on the serious issue of the safety of those involved in this work.