BS EN 14181 - Stationary source emissions
Quality assurance of automated measuring systems

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  This standard describes the qual

This standard describes the quality assurance procedures needed to assure that an Automated Measuring System (AMS) or Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEM) installed to measure emissions to air are capable of meeting the uncertainty requirements on measured values given by legislation, e.g. EU Directives, national legislation, and/or the Environment Agency.

Three different Quality Assurance Levels (QAL1, QAL2, and QAL3) are defined to achieve this objective. These Quality Assurance Levels cover the suitability of an AMS for its measuring task (e.g. before or during the purchase period of the AMS), the validation of the AMS following its installation, and the control of the AMS during its ongoing operation on an industrial plant. An Annual Surveillance Test (AST) is also defined.

The suitability evaluation of the AMS and its measuring procedure are described in EN ISO 14956 (QAL1).

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Calibration Label for QAL 2 and AST - Template for Avery L7166


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QAL2 Test and Checks

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QAL 2 Functional Tests

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Parallel Tests

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Information on low-level clusters.

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